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Dinner and a stroll with Virgin America flight attendant Robb Growdon

May 17th, 2012 Comments off

A model posing as a VA flight attendant (Photo: Virgin America)

In last month’s print edition of PASSPORT magazine, I chatted with a half dozen veteran GLBT flight attendants about what led them to pursue a line of work that often goes unappreciated by the traveling public. They also shared some recommendations on where to hang out in their favorite layover cities.

San Francisco’s Robb Growdon was one of the inaugural Virgin America flight attendants when the airline launched its SFO-hubbed fleet a few years back. He’d always wanted to be a crew member and, in fact, left a 25-year career in fashion retail to be part of VA’s start-up team. When his colleagues who live in other cities tap him for restaurant advice, Growdon points to a couple of personal standbys where early dinners can be followed by two of the city’s loveliest post-prandial strolls:

Hamburger heaven at Balboa Cafe

  • The Balboa Cafe–where the deservedly renowned burger is served on a baguette and accompanied by super crisp shoestring fries–is a healthy five block walk from Marina Green, where you can stroll alongside sailboats as you take in the sunset
  • Chenery Park serves up straightforward, impeccably fresh American cuisine, including a signature Andouille gumbo and a house smoked pork chop dressed with bacon and apricots. It’s around the corner from Glen Canyon, a steep-sided wildflower strewn natural wonder in the midst of the city. Keep an eye out for coyotes (Really!).
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