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The musical stylings of Ming & Ping: Live 6/5, new album out now

June 1st, 2012 Comments off


Yes, our taste in music is broad. From yesterday’s shout out to the SF Gay Men’s Chorus, we move to today’s cool buzzing hum-out to t Ming & Ping, the ultra-pleasurable synthcoction of LA-based artist/composer Bao Vo.

M&P, who play at the Elbo Room on Tuesday night are a sort of hybrid of the Pet Shop Boys- in their tunes of cautiously jaded yearning -and Gorrilaz- in that the “band” consists of fictional characters: M&P’s recordings are actually solo Vo, and in dreamy videos, Vo plays both of the “spiciest twins making the spiciest new wave music,” assuming two personae along the lines of Tennant (alpha-fey frontman) and Lowe (Andrew Ridgely).

Double Vo-sion

Performing live, its another story altogether. Vo leads an onstage extravaganza with elaborate costumes, dancers (spicy indeed), and a hyped atmosphere of blip-stomp chaos that, well, enlivens the electro-chilled aura of the recordings themselves.

While remaining largely under the pop radar, Ming & Ping’s music has developed a somewhat unlikely  following among extreme sports enthusiasts after being included on the soundtracks of wakeboard, snowboard, and snowmobile films. This shouldn’t keep you away from the show if you’re more a skinny-jeaned nerd than a Stoned Dudley Do-Right.

Ming & Ping don’t exist, but they’re game to seduce both of you.

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